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Arg bad quality+Shirt time span= Shitycomic page

Arg bad quality+Shirt time span= Shitycomic page


Scythe Tail

A slice of life comic about a adopted mew living in a PMD universe. Rated T+ for gay characters and language (maybe some death later on)


The fun facts of the month!

There will be 10 fun facts per month and this months are...

1.The world the Pokémon live in have trained “government” mons to do what guilds do

2. These Pokémon use phones tablets computers TVs etc

3.Scythe was born October 12th

4. Umi (jolteon) was origaly going to be a glaceon

5. Chekita is 24 Umi was born the day before her and they met at school

6. Umi curses so much that Chekita make her put a penny in a jar each time she says a “bad word”

7. They use a currency system with penny’s (worth 1 cent) pokecoins (50 cents) and pokedollars (1 dollar)

8. Shiny Pokémon are not as rare being about 1 in 250 (if only xD)

9 Pokémon can pick whatever jobs they want and are similar the humans jobs ie: Firefighter, Doctor, scientist ,Teacher, professional battler (like being a professional sports player)

10 the buildings and city’s are similar to kaloses city’s (my favorite region)

There will be one of these each month (enjoy!)

Posted by Oblivion Umbreon @ August 6th, 2018, 1:42 pm
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Cameo call/list!

Do you like my comic? wow if you said yes it must be out of pity! anyways I need cameos! your cameo will most likely have a speaking roll in my comic so I need this info:



Shiny?: (note if I get too many shiny cameos I might have to remove the shiny coloring if I must do so then I will PM you telling you that)



Eye color:


Cameo list (just so I can keep track)

Posted by Oblivion Umbreon @ August 5th, 2018, 9:45 am
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